Caught: Lightweight Lamborghini Huracan Testing

Spy photographers have caught their first glimpse of Lamborghini’s latest raging bull. This is a new lightweight Huracan that could be the next Superleggera.

This is the widest ever baby Lambo, but weight will still be dropped from the normal, not-exactly-lardy Huracan. As you might expect, more power—up to 650 hp—will be wrung out of it.

Outside, you may have noticed, there’s a massive new spoiler to keep this new lightweight Huracan firmly planted on the ground. Along with the spoiler, the rest of the rear is revised, too.

The exhausts come out higher than on the standard Huracan. In this picture there also only two of them—one on each side—and they’re closer together than the standard quad-exhaust model. The sound produced by this new maybe-Superleggera, our spy photographers assure us, is sweet music, just like you’d expect.

Below the tail lights, there’s also a revised grille and way down at the bottom of the back end there’s a new diffuser that’s curved upward, which in my tiny non-aerodynamisist brain means more downforce. To keep the front end down, there’s also a new, aggressive front spoiler.

The pictured hard-top Superlemaybe is expected first, with a Spyder version to follow. If Lamborghini follows its own naming conventions, the Spyder version could get the Performante name, like the Gallardo did.