Choice Gear: Lamborghini Speaker

Everyone has that one person on their Christmas list who’s impossible to shop for. Well, fear no more, because Lamborghini’s got you covered with its new Aventador inspire speaker and docking station.

Hand-built by audio experts, the Esavox comes complete with a ceramic speakers, a carbon fiber monocoque, and best of all a real exhaust system from a Lamborghini Aventador.


The speakers are built in concert with iXOOST and feature Bluetooth 4.0, an analogue input and an ADC/DAC output.

Of course, you’ll have to peek inside their garage to decide if the loved one prefers Porsches or Lambos, but the Volkswagen Group has you covered either way.

Alternatively, and for about the same price ($24,000), you could buy Volkswagen’s speaker system, which comes with a free Passat. Admittedly, that system probably won’t fit under the Christmas tree, though.