Patent Drawings Give First Look at New Lamborghini has uncovered patent drawings filed by Lamborghini back in October, giving us our first look at what is quite likely to be Lamborghini’s upcoming Centenario, an extremely limited edition vehicle built to commemorate what would have been Feruccio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday.  Much like the Reventón before it, the brand plans on keeping production to about 20 examples, all of which are likely pre-sold.
From a aesthetic perspective, the drawing seems to be a mashup of the Huracán’s front end, with the rear from Lamborghini’s Aventador and some Veneno thrown in for good measure.  Moving around to the side, this design is extremely angular, in ways that previous Lamborghini’s may have hinted at but never truly accomplished.  This, of course, is aided by extremely large front and rear overhangs, appearing almost cartoonish.

From what we’ve heard, the final product will be shown in Geneva early next month.