Watch the Pre-Production Lightweight Lamborghini Huracan on Track

Earlier in the week we showed you spy shots of a coming Lamborghini Huracan that everyone has pretty much decided will be the next Superleggera. It comes with a massive spoiler out back, a chin spoiler up front, and, we’re told, a lot less weight.

There’s now footage of that Huracan testing on the Nurburgring and the best part of the video happens in the first seconds when the Huracan comes up behind a Mercedes S Class, barks at it, and causes the Merc’s tail to dive between its legs.

Saying the Lamborghini is fast is like saying that Pokemon Go is fun; literally everyone knew that before it came out. But what isn’t always so obvious is just how alpha the little Lambo is. Watching this video is like watching two jocks push a scrawny kid into his locker, but better cause it’s actually a rich kid.