Lamborghini is Sending Carbon Fiber to the International Space Station

There’s a conceit at the heart of motorsports that says that racing helps test new cars and Lamborghini has just one-upped it. Those whacky Italian supercar manufacturers are sending their components to space.

By teaming up with the Houston Methodist Research Institute, Lamborghini is sending five composite material samples to the International Space Station to test out their ability to survive harsh environments.

“Lamborghini is breaking ground as the first automaker in the world to conduct carbon fiber materials science research on the ISS,” says Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Lamborghini. “In addition to representing an important example of corporate social responsibility, this mission is also fully in line with our philosophy and values. Lamborghini is a brand that has always been committed to going beyond limits in every area of its activity and to being a pioneer in the realm of technology.”

The space tests are part of a larger project being taken on by Lamborghini, among others. The manufacturer hopes to learn how to make better carbon fiber for its cars, especially with “3D printed continuous-fiber composites.” By essentially 3D printing carbon fiber, Lamborghini expects to be able to build structural parts that can be used wherever aluminum is used in a car.

The project will also have an impact beyond the realm of the automobile. Of more pressing concern to the ISS US National Laboratory, is the material’s use in prosthetics.

The materials will be sent to space no earlier than November 2 and will fly from Wallops flight Facility in Virginia.

shared from Fourtitude