Let’s Nip This One in the Bud: There Probably Won’t be a 400 HP Golf R+ Hybrid

You’re going to see some headlines today. Those headlines will be exciting. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: the chances of there being a Golf R+ plug-in hybrid, as an article published by Australia’s WhichCar suggests, are slim to none.

WhichCar’s story (that has now been picked up by some other outlets) called “Volkswagen’s 300kW Golf R+ Plans Revealed” suggests that VW is “understood” to be considering 300kW (400 HP) version of the Golf R with a hybrid powertrain to compete against the hotter and hotter hatch community.

That would be great, but Volkswagen has said, on several occasions that it’s not planning to make such a car. Jost Capito, head of R GmbH, has publicly said that customers don’t want a 400 hp car and he told Motor Trend in March that “[R] can’t develop [its] own hybrid systems because the volumes for [the Golf R] are too small.”

The only reason they could make the Touareg R a hybrid was because of its connection to more expensive SUVs like the Bentayga. Even within the WhichCar article, they write:

“When contacted, Volkswagen Australia said it was unaware of any plans for a mega Golf, and that if it were to happen, it would be years away.”

Let’s not forget, too, that there is a performance version of the Golf with a hybrid drivetrain, the Golf GTE, and it’s not that impressive. It gets to 60 in a leisurely 5.9 seconds. That’s slower than the GTI and it doesn’t have the added complication, nor the weight of an AWD system.

So, although in an infinite universe infinite possibilities exist, on this planet, in the next few years, a Gold R+ with 400 hp and a hybrid powertrain is pretty unlikely.