Marco Mapelli, Who Set Performante Lap Time, Will Drive Aventador SVJ Around Nurburgring

Lamborghini is back, teasing the Aventador SVJ yet again, preparing us all for a presumably shocking Nurburgring lap time. This time, though, they’ve revealed a little bit more about the car.

The Italians are promising that the SVJ is “designed to have the best weight to power ratio,” in bold contradiction of the natural order of that phrase.

Unfortunately, the claim is so vague that it might as well not have been made. Is its power-to-weight ratio better than a Boeing, Lamborghini? Better than a race car? Or is it simply the best, like Tina Turner?

Fortunately, they do reveal that the SVJ’s driver will be Marco Mapelli, a GT racer who set the Huracan Performante’s scorching 6:52 lap time, so at least we know that it’ll have a quick driver who knows his way around the Nurburgring behind the wheel. In fact, some might say that he’s better than all the rest.

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