Your Mad Max Bentayga is Here

The Bentley Bentayga is loaded up with luxury. That includes elegant styling to match the ultra-premium interior. But what if you want your quilted stitched leather and falconry kit in a body that’s a little bit more, let’s say, rugged? Then Bengala Automotive Design SL has you covered.

The company partnered with a Spanish off-road rally champ and designed this. The Bentayga Squared. It’s a mad-max style Bentayga that’s loaded with some mean-looking carbon fiber bits. And it’s limited to just 15 copies.

Bengala’s specialty is carbon fiber rebodies of exotic vehicles. They’ve done the Ferrari F12 in the past, along with a host of Rolls-Royce vehicles. But this one might be the meanest.

It starts with that massive train-like front bumper. And no, that part’s not carbon. It’s all steel. Then the Bentayga² gets a huge LED light bar. Underneath is a new off-road-ready suspension that lifts the Bentley and allows space for the huge Dillinger forged wheels.

Keeping those wheels and tires inside the bodyline are wide carbon fiber fender flares and steel running boards.

The rear glass gets louvers, because of course it does, and there’s a steel bumper on the back as well. Don’t forget those huge side-exit exhausts poking out ahead of the rear tire.

No pricing has been announced yet, but we’re guessing it will be a lot.

Oh, and why all the carbon panels? “Helping to keep “The Tank’s” weight as low as it possibly can.” Yeah. Good luck with that.