Mk7 GTI to Hang Around Another Year While We Wait for 2022 Mk8 GTI and R

The plan, according to the product manager in charge of the Golf, is still for the Mk8 GTI and R to arrive on US shores in late 2021 and will be sold as model year 2022s.

That means that if you want a new Golf R in 2021, you’re out of luck because Wolfsburg will be busy making Mk8s. But if you want a GTI, Puebla’s still got you covered.

The Mk7, says Megan Closset, Product Manager for the Golf, will continue to be sold as a model year 2021 vehicle. And it may be a good opportunity to get a smoking deal on a GTI as production runs out, because the Mk8 GTI will get a slight price bump, according to Hein Schafer, VWoA’s senior VP of product planning.

Speaking to media yesterday, Schafer let slip that with all of the GTI’s extra standard features, a price bump may be necessary, but that it will be less than 10% more than the current car’s price. The current GTI starts at around $28,500, so a starting price nearer $30,000 (and perhaps slightly above it) may be on its way.

For that, though, you’ll get standard heated seats, heated steering wheel, puddle lights, a fully digital cockpit, and a six-speed manual transmission, and more.

You’ll also have the option to buy 19-inch rims from the factory that can be fitted with stickier summer tires, though we won’t be getting super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that the Europeans do, sadly. You’ll just have to order them yourself from Tire Rack.