Next Golf Getting Mild Hybrid

Volkswagen has announced that the hybrids are coming, starting with a new mild hybrid system for the new Mk 8 Golf.

VW is calling the new 48-volt mild hybrid system the starting point for the electrification of its conventional vehicles. It uses a 48-volt belt-driven starter generator and a 48V battery. The system lets the car coast with the engine off at certain speeds and conditions, which VW says saves up to 0.3L of fuel per 100 km. that’s about one-tenth of a gallon per 100 miles.

The new hybrid system also allows more intensive use of the start-stop system, and at higher speeds. That saves more fuel. On top of that, the system adds power and torque to the car, making for improved dynamics from a start.

The starter generator feeds the car’s electrical system when the engine is running, but can recover energy using regenerative braking when the car slows.

Dr. Frank Welsch, the Volkswagen board member for technical development said that “this new product strategy will come into play for the first time from 2019 onwards,” meaning that it will likely arrive with the next Golf sometime next year.