The cult of aftermarket Porsches has officially gone too far. This unholy abomination is a combination of a 356 and a 964–two numbers that apparently mean something important to Porsche fans, but to people with eyes that important something is: ugly.

Two cars, designed 40 years apart, that share neither a driveline nor a wheelbase, and that aren’t even part of the same model family have been combined to create something truly and impressively hideous.

The automotive press is happy to call it a Frankenstein as if the moral of Mary Shelley’s seminal gothic novel was: Ya, bud! Go mix and match body parts, it’ll be great!

I know. It barely weighs anything, has a powerful little engine, and a false claim to historical relevance.


You know what else does all of that and doesn’t look like a Fierorari? Every Caterham. And they don’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It takes no esoteric knowledge to buy this. It takes no interest in cars or motorsports, no fascination with the mechanical, no insight, nor any reverence for the past. All it takes is a lack of taste.