Not the Find of the Day: 1970 VW Beetle Pick up Conversion

Why, is a perfectly good question to ask when confronted with a new project. For instance, if you were to say to yourself, “I’m gonna turn my Beetle into a pick up,” first asking yourself “why,” would not only be acceptable, but advisable. This Californian did not, and then went ahead and built a pick up Beetle.

Quite apart from the fact that converting a perfectly good car into a pick up truck is like naming your band the Be Sharps, there’s just the way this thing looks. “El Camino style truck bed” is one of the most optimistic descriptions I’ve ever read.


Moreover, ‘Utes are of dubious practical value even when they’re done well. Doing the same to a rear-engined car is completely bonkers. Trucks are front-engined, because the back is where the stuff goes.

This pick up bug has a 1600cc single port engine under the bed, and it’s been lowered, because why not? The seller, from California, is asking $4850 obo.

And yet, this the Pick Up Bug is somehow, weirdly likable. It’s a throwback to a time when people thought the Beetle could be anything, even a thing it had no business being.