Now Starts 25 Years of Abject Misery Until You can Import The Amarok AT35

The Amarok and the Ranger may soon share a chassis but, by all accounts, the Amarok was already a pretty good pickup. We’ve all quietly pined for it, but now we’re being tortured by it.

That’s because Arctic Trucks, a company that builds trucks designed to take on the Kalahari Desert (kidding, it’s the arctic) has just unveiled its latest arctic truck: the one-off Amarok AT35.

The truck is currently being used to give tours of snow, volcanos, and whatever else Iceland can throw at it. Maybe Kanye should invest $10 million in these guys, instead.

To give said tours, the Amarok AT35 fitted with VW’s 3.0-liter V6 TDI. It’s also been raised by 25 mm (nearly an inch), shod with 315mm-wide tires, and wheel arches to keep it all under the body.

“The AT35 also retains the standard Amarok’s 45-degree climbing ability, a payload of 1,154kg, Hill Descent Assist and the widest load platform in its class,” writes Arctic Trucks.

Best of all, though, to keep you warm and awake, it comes complete with a coffee-maker. And in case you run out of beans, it also comes with a VHF radio, a portable generator, a toolbox, a jack, a first aid kit, defibrillator, and a fire extinguisher. Everything you need for a good weekend in Iceland.