Ocean City Won’t Stand for Your Hooliganism Anymore

When the news that H2Oi would be canceled for 2017 broke a few months ago, it looked bad for VW enthusiasts. Well, a bunch of you had already booked your hotel rooms or something because thousands of enthusiasts showed up anyway. It was one of the more touching expressions of fandom—a bunch of fans showing up despite the bureaucratic issues. Turns out, Ocean City was not charmed by the display.

Famously the most ticketed car show in America, it’s safe to say that the attendants of H2Oi tend not to be on their best behavior and that has ruffled some feathers. As Jalopnik reports, the Ocean City Council is addressing such automotive hijinks with the “motor events action plan.”

“Immediate action is required to reverse this undesired trend of lawlessness, civil disobedience and disrespect for our town,” reads the document.

Among the measures recommended are temporary speed bumps, rolling roadblocks, and even timing construction work to coincide with the event.

And if all that doesn’t work, Ocean City might have to call in the National Guard.

The Ocean City Council went so far as to rank automotive events by how rowdy they get, with events like H2Oi and Fall Cruising ranking poorly in “Desired Demographic” and “Level of Law Enforcement Required.” Meanwhile, events like the creatively named “Jeeps” and “Corvettes” both ranking well in all categories, including “Behavior of Non-Event Attendees” and “Adverse Social Media Impact.”

Whether or not the town was deliberately trying to sound like the Dean from “Animal House” is not known at this time.

“But what about the money that events like bring in,” you ask? Well, the Ocean City Council has a solution. They’ll just bring in other, non-automotive events. Like what, you ask? Oh, you know, Youth Tournaments, Pickle Ball Championships, or Senior Citizen Olympics. You know, fun stuff.

And while we may be taking a light tone to this story, the impact could be very real for the fine people who put the show together, because one of the recommendations under the plan is to take legal action against the Promoter.

While that idea met with some resistance from the council, it is nonetheless on the table. Another idea was to ask promoters to simply move H2Oi and the Fall Cruise to other cities.

The motor events action plan is just a list of recommendations for now so a vote on its approval and what recommendations will and won’t be adopted by Ocean City aren’t yet known, but the city is moving ahead with task force to reign in the events happening in its town.

You can read the full action plan here, and watch the Ocean City Council discuss the action plan here.