Roadtrip Alert- We’re Driving to SEMA

Like so many brilliant ideas before it, it all started over a beer.  “I haven’t done anything stupid in a really long time”, I told John Acton, our Head of Sales.  Sure, we are both fortunate enough to travel for work quite often, but the resulting inconsistency in personal schedules doesn’t leave much chance for spontaneity.  Yes, it’s a first world problem.  No, I’m not ashamed to admit it.  And luckily, John felt the same.

So a plan was hatched, and now we’re staring down the barrel of one of the most ambitious road trips we’ve ever attempted.  This Sunday morning, I’ll make the nearly two-hour trek from our Central Pennsylvania office to Philadelphia’s International Airport in order to catch a plane destined for Chicago O’Hare.  Once safely on the ground, John will pick me up in a Mk7 GTI, and we’ll depart for Las Vegas- a roughly 25 hour journey, which we’ll be tackling in one shot.  This means that at some point on Monday afternoon, we’ll roll into Sin City tired, sweaty, and craving In ‘N Out.

In preparation for the journey, John has removed the Work Emotion CR 2-piece wheels and sticky rubber in favor of the stock setup wrapped in all-season tires, but that’s really it.  The previously installed H&R coil overs, spacers and sway bars, a Unitronic Stage 1 flash and Remus exhaust are all still fitted to the car, ensuring that our journey will be about as fun as the road conditions allow.  He’s also filled his iPad with Silicon Valley and Eastbound and Down episodes to keep us entertained.  Clearly, this guy f*cks.

Once SEMA has closed its doors, we’ll be making our return trip- forgoing yet another Cannonball-style run for a slow ride back on Route 66, taking us through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri on our way to Chicago.  Throughout the journey, we’ll be posting frequent updates and any roadside oddities we come across to our Instagram and Twitter pages.  Feel free to follow along, and throw out suggestions for places to eat!