Porsche Considers Not “Selling” New Models to Keep Speculators from Scalping

The market for Porsches has reached levels that would make a Dutch tulip seller blanch. And Porsche is looking at ways to stop speculators from scooping up its limited run models before selling them on for a profit.

As reported by Autocar, the brand is even considering leasing models that would prevent buyers from reselling their limited edition cars for a given period.

“One thing we could do is look at leasing models to try to avoid this kind of dealing, so the car doesn’t get sold on for a period of time,” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. “It is one solution.”

The 911 R made headlines in 2016 when speculators starting reselling practically undriven models for as much as five times the MSRP.

“Our interest is to sell cars for drivers, not dealers,” said Blume. “We put so much love into them, with the goal of people driving them not to put them in a garage.”

While Porsche has tried using first refusal systems for some of its cars, the problem persists as dealers fail to spot resellers.