This 4-Year-Old Has Been on More Laps of the Nurburgring and is Way Cooler than Any of Us

“Do you want to take the curb?” asks Robert Mitchell from the driver’s seat of a Cayman GTS.

“YEESSS!!!!” Yells his four-year-old daughter, Analiese. This kid is cool. And definitely know more about the Nurburgring than I do.

That’s not just because I have an embarrassing and persistent inability to register corner names, but also because she has been around the ‘ring exactly 250 times.

Her dad is the owner of Apex Nuerberg, a car rental facility located near the Nurburgring that rents out cars for people to drive on the legendary track. He’s also, apparently, pretty good at driving the track himself.

“Analiese is 4 and she’s done 250 laps of the Nordschleife she’s ridden in GT2RS, GT2RS MR, 720s, Pista, 675LT, 600LT, Speciale, 570s, Cayman GTS, Polo GTi, Golf GTI, Cupra 300, M2, A8, T6, Tiguan, 330d, 218i, 675 Spider and much more,” writes Mitchell. “The cool thing is she doesn’t care what’s he’s in she just wants to go on track!”

While some dads help their daughters ring ‘round the rosy, Robert takes his daughter on the roadsies round the ring. And to mark her 250th lap, he filmed this video of her naming all of the corners.

Look out Sabine Schmitz, there’s a new ‘ringmeister on her way.