Porsche Confirms Next Model Will be Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche’s annual state of the business press conference showed more revenue for the automaker and record sales, before tempering that news with the expectations of poorer results in the cavalcade of horrors that is 2020. But there was a bit of good news for the company’s future: Porsche confirmed that the Taycan Cross Turismo was coming, with the electric Macan to follow.

“We had already received around 30,000 serious purchase inquiries for the Taycan before our world premiere in September,” said Chairman Oliver Blume. “More than 15,000 customers have now signed their purchase contract.” That’s big volume for Porsche, especially for a product that’s so different from what Porsche has done before. Of course, people thought the same thing about the first Panamera and the Cayenne, and those have been smash hits.

So a new Taycan derivative will be coming, the Cross Turismo. That’s the shooting brake or wagon, depending on how you want to look at it. Like the Panamera Sport Turismo, this version will offer a different level of style as well as (we’re assuming) more cargo space.

Blume didn’t say when it would arrive, but since it’s planned to be the next electric Porsche, we’re assuming it’ll likely be shown later this year. The company wants half of its range sold as fully-electric or plug-in hybrid, so it needs to get cracking. After the Taycan Cross Turismo, the next-generation Macan crossover will be fully-electric. That one will be the second electric model series for Porsche, the company said.