Porsche Sets Highly Specific Record at Nurburgring in Panamera

Porsche has succeeded in sending a Panamera Turbo around the Nurburgring faster than any other car in its class—the Executive Class. While that may sound specific, it’s still a pretty great time on 7:29.81 seconds.

The time puts it on par with much smaller stuff, like the 2017 Corvette ZR1, the R8 V10 Plus, and even the Carrera GT.

The Panamera Turbo had Porsche development driver Lars Kern behind the wheel and he was complimentary about the company’s latest chassis mods.

“The enhancements made to the chassis and the powertrain of the new Panamera were always noticeable during this lap on what is recognized as the most demanding racetrack in the world”, said Kern. “In the Hatzenbach or also Bergwerk and Kesselchen sections in particular, the new setup of the electromechanical roll stabilization system PDCC remains consistently effective and provides the Panamera with incredible stability in spite of the bumpy track surface.

And he’s not just saying that because he’s on the Porsche payroll. The new Panamera is around 13 seconds faster around the Nurburgring than its predecessor.