Video: New Porsche Boxster and Cayman Spied at the Nurburgring, Possibly with 4 Cylinder Turbo Power

Recently Porsche has confirmed that there will be an upcoming Boxster and Cayman offering with four cylinder power, and now we’ve got video evidence that the car is in testing.  Our friends at Touriclips were able to capture a Boxster and Cayman doing hot laps on the Nurburgring wearing light camouflage (possibly an upcoming facelift) and emitting an exhaust note not typical of the Stuttgart brand. In the video below, you’ll notice that the Cayman and Boxster both have a distinct four cylinder note, although we aren’t quite sure whether it is coming from something like the 2.0 TFSI used in the Golf R and Audi S3, or from a new flat 4 developed by Porsche.

From what we have heard, this 4 cylinder version will come to market as a slightly lower priced way to get into a Porsche- to put things in a historical context, think upmarket from a 914, but not quite a 912.  Either way, we hope to see more of the 4 cylinder Boxster and Cayman in the near future.  Check out additional photos of the Boxster undergoing road testing below.