Prosecutors’ Search of Jones Day Was Legal

A German regional court ruled that a raid of a law firm associated with Volkswagen conducted by German prosecutors in March was legal, despite objections from the automaker.

The complaint centered around a raid of US law firm Jones Day’s offices. Prosecutors conducted the raid in the wake of the dieselgate scandal.

Following the searches, VW released a statement admonishing the raids, saying that it would take “every action” at its disposal against prosecutors.

VW said that it viewed the raid as a “clear breach of the principles of the rule of law laid down in the Code of Criminal Procedure,” according to the press release.

Reuters reports, though, a Munich court today ruled that the searches were not illegal.

The automaker remains unimpressed, saying that it will launch an appeal with Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court.

“The Munich regional court’s decision in no way gives us reason to change our legal position,” wrote VW in a statement.

[source: Reuters]