Watch: This FWD Golf is Very Nearly as Fast as a Demon

Much hubbub has been made about the Dodge Demon and how hecking fast it is. Today, in fact, a journalist went full Nader and basically called it unsafe at any speed (though mostly at those that are high). So avoid all the controversy and buy yourself a Golf, instead.

May we suggest this fine example from over in ye olde Englande, which is the fastest FWD Golf in the UK with a quarter mile time of 9.78 seconds, according to the fine filmographers at VeeDubRacing.

Admittedly, this Mk1 Golf isn’t exactly stock, but like the Demon, it wears ridiculously wide tires up front. Mind you, I’d be surprised if these were street legal.

The Golf makes 630 bhp and is owned and driven by Rob Lord. Although this is the fastest FWD Golf in the UK, it isn’t the fastest one in Europe, with at least one Golf from Adrenaline Tuning hitting mid-to-low 8s.