Ratty Rescue: $700 Scirocco

If the photos in our story on Cincy whet your appetite for your own coupe, then today’s Ratty Rescue could be just the car for you. And with the 20th Cincy one year away you have plenty of time to get it up and running for a trip to Ohio.

Where to begin with the joy that is a 16-valve Scirocco? First, there’s urge to rev-it-to-the-redline on every drive. The burbly engine was seriously quick for its time, beating out other cars that cost twice as much. The light-weight chassis is nimble in corners and while it’s not a rear-wheel-drive car, it handles better than most front-drivers. The thin pillars make it easy to see out of. And the near-the-ground seating position lowers the center of gravity. Add all this up and you’ve got a seriously fun-to-drive car.

This 1988 Scirocco 16V has seen much better days. The paint is…present. All three (or so) layers. Since we’re on the subject, the sides are white, the roof and hood are (mostly) black, and what’s left of the body kit is gold. Yet it looks like the interior body panels may be silver. Interesting. And those interior body panels are highly visible since a previous owner gutted the interior. Front seats are included; you’ll need to install them. It looks like some panels are present, but you’ll have to check that out on your own.

According to the ad in our classifieds, the car runs and moves under its own power. How the seller moved the car without a seat present could make for an interesting story. Speaking of sellers, VWVortex member jmcScirocco (formerly member “Scirocko”) currently owns the car is looking to sell it for, get this, only $700. For the shape of the body and a running 16-valve engine, it’s a steal.

Check out the ad in the Scirocco classifieds. The car is located in Long Island, New York. You have one year to get it ready for Cincy 20. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we Scirocco owners will welcome you with open arms.