Ratty Rescue: Do it for Bogdan

Sometimes a car is cheap, not because it sucks, but because there’s some assembly required. Okay, a lot of assembly required.

This project comes to us from forum member MistaBee (aka Bogdan). And the project looks great but it comes with a sad story.

MistaBee started what looks like it was set to become a great car, Mk2 GTI in Alpine White with a G60 engine all set to be stuffed into it. Then life happened.

Although we don’t know the details—frankly it’s none of our business—MistaBee says he got hurt at work and won’t have the money to complete the car. Which sucks for any number of reasons.

The good news is, you can do something to help out. By buying his car (and not lowballing him -.-) you can take a little bit of stress out of his life and put a little cash in his pocket.

And he’s really not asking for much. According to MistaBee, the interior and everything you need to wire this project is there, in a labeled box, ready for installation. It’ll just take time, effort, and probably a little more cash to get it done.

And for all that, MistaBee is only asking $3,000. It does come with the solemn oath, though, that you’ll give MistaBee a ride in it whenever he wants.