Ratty Rescue: Illegal All-Wheel-Drive Corrado

What happens when you take a 1990 Corrado G60 sports coupe, add an upgraded supercharger, a ton of engine internals, a Synchro all-wheel-drive system, and a (gulp) $4500 raised suspension? You get a huge project. An unfinished project. You get the hope of someday driving a rip-roaring race car. There’s a lot to cover in our latest Ratty Rescue, so hold on tight.

Let’s say you stumble across one of these unloved cars for sale. It’s probably going cheap. You could buy it, fix it up, and drop a real motor in it like this week’s Find Of The Day. Or you could do something completely bonkers. VWVortex member smoked_g60 did just that. He wanted to create an all-wheel-drive rally car. And he almost got there. Despite its appearance, he’s driven the car a few times. So rest assured: this car can run. Getting it running is another story.

Mechanically, this Corrado has a ton of enhancements. Check out the ad in our classifieds for all (and we mean all) the details. Long story short: upgraded internals, bored out block, BBM supercharger making 20PSI. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “The motor was just under 200hp to 2 wheels on a poor tune, before the Syncro conversion” the ad states. Smoked_g60 sourced the all-wheel-drive setup from a Canadian Passat Syncro. Like everything else, it’s modified to fit the Corrado. And also like everything else, it’s not fully installed.

Outside, the Corrado has peeling clear coat over the metallic green paint. Most of the front clip exists, you just need to reassemble it. The car sits high on a (very expensive) coilover suspension from a rally-prepped Rallye Golf. This guy wasn’t messing around when he sourced parts.

Inside it’s pretty spartan. There’s a Sparco driver’s seat, a leather Euro OEM steering wheel, a leather OEM passenger seat, and not much else. That’s about all you need in a race car, right?

If you like assembling things without using instructions, this may be the right car for you. It’s all there and even comes with a copious amount of spare parts. So take a look at the ad in our classifieds. This 1990 not-quite-rally-ready racer is in Scotts Valley, California. Current asking price: $5000.