Ratty Rescue: Little Green Monster

It’s time once again for another Ratty Rescue: a crusty and musty Volkswagen in need of a new home. Today’s find comes to us from tropical Lincoln Nebraska. For just a little coin and a lot of elbow grease, you could get this Golf back on the road and have a heck of a ride.

A lot of exciting things happened in 1995: eBay was born, Amazon sold its first book, and Starbucks served their first Frappucino. In the automotive world, the Ford Explorer was taking off. It seemed like 90% of these trucks were Eddie Bauer models in the most iconic color combination of the day: hunter green and tan. Every automaker soon offered their cars in the same outdoorsy colors. This 1995 MK3 Golf four-door wears its era’s colors well and is the epitome of mid-90’s auto fashion.

Before we lose you: this humble looking hatch is hiding quite the secret. The current owner, VWVortex member vwsnaps, stuffed a VR6 motor in the engine bay. That’s right, this little grocery-getter has the heart of a GTI. You see, vwsnaps had a well running but rusted out GTI. The Golf had a body in decent condition, but the standard 2.0 engine was a bit of a snooze, so why not combine the two? Four-door practicality with a bruiser of an engine.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a genuine sleeper. An otherwise standard (read: boring) car that’s hiding some serious performance. Who would think this friendly green hatchback is hiding six cylinders of power? While it rides on GTI “Driver’s Edition” 16″ alloy wheels, this car is screaming for some 15″ steel wheels and sticky rubber. No one will look twice at this car. That is until you step quickly away from a stop light. If you’re prone to driving a bit above the speed limit, this car will attract little attention from Johnny Law.

Like any of our Ratty Rescues, this green Golf has a few issues. From the ad in our classifieds, it is not yet moving under its own power. It also needs some interior pieces; speakers and speaker grills. The clear coat is peeling in some places, and the sunroof doesn’t work. Oh yeah, it doesn’t have headlights. But overall, this is a honey of a project car.

The seller can include some of the repair parts, but the price may go up a bit. They’ll even sell you some upgrades: a set of 5 spoke GTI wheels, an FK coilover setup, and a black sport-plaid interior, all from yet another GTI they have on hand. But why add all this stuff? For a true sleeper, keep it as stock as possible. Save the money you’d spend on those flashy bits, and turbocharge the VR6. You’ll then have your own little green monster that no one will see coming.

Check out the ad for this 1995 Golf in our forums. It’s listed for a low, but firm, $2500.