Ratty Rescue: A Real Rough R32

Did you like Monday’s Find Of The Day? Looking for an R32 for your very own? Not afraid of a little work? Take a look at today’s Ratty Rescue: a 2004 R32.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: some details in this ad seem a bit…questionable. While it states the car has 65,000 miles, that’s only on the engine. It also says this “new” engine was installed in Germany (so the ad says) when the car had 111,000 miles. Hmmmm.

If you’re not a math whiz, this R32 now has 176,000 miles. With that much use, any car won’t be perfect. Mechanically the only issue seems to be a leaky exhaust. There’s some damage to the driver’s rocker panel and possibly the fender and door. The driver’s seat shows quite a bit of wear. The rear seats are non-existent. And the (green?) aftermarket alloys look rough, and well, they’re green.

There are quite a few good points with this AWD hatch. For one, it may be the cheapest R32 out there. Second, from the description, it runs and drives well. The seller has replaced the oil with full synthetic since buying the car. It has a new serpentine belt and tensioner pulley. And it recently had a four-wheel alignment. It also has a few mods; a Revo tune, Porsche big brakes up front, a Neuspeed cold air intake, and a few other things.

All in all, this is the perfect R32 for someone to restore or continue to mod. With a very negotiable asking price of $9000, it’s a pretty great deal. Check out the cars.com classified ad for more information. Unfortunately, a location isn’t listed in the ad, but it looks like Florida plates.

Florida plates? Now those green wheels make a bit more sense.