Ratty Rescue: Rough ‘Rado

If you liked this week’s Find Of The Day, but a $15,000 Corrado show car is out of your reach, then today’s Ratty Rescue should be right up your alley. And the starting bid on this 1992 Corrado SLC is only 10% of the ultimate Corrado’s asking price. A bargain!

This ‘Rado has a lot going for it, but let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. First, the car isn’t running. The current owner was able to get it started, but the engine conked out rather quickly. So it runs (in theory). Second, this SLC has been sitting for five years. It’s going to need all fluids drained and replaced, belts replaced, and the brakes will need a thorough going-through. Third, the interior definitely reflects the 128,000 miles on the odometer; lots of dirt and staining. And last, the car is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Now nothing against Nebraska; we’ve heard it’s a beautiful state, but towing this car home is gonna cost you.

Now for the good stuff. One, this Corrado is complete. All the parts are there, so no hunting things down. Well, the radio’s missing, but that’s minor. Two, with the exception of the passenger door, the body panels are in good shape and there’s no rust. Third, the original BBS wheels are in very good condition.

But check out the photos! With some tinkering and cleaning, you could have a mighty fine VR6 coupe. Get it up and running and just enjoy it. Or, if you’re partial to show cars, tear it apart and rebuild it to perfection.

Corrado VR6s are becoming rarer, and to find one this complete that’s just a little rough around the edges is a great find. Check out the ad in our classifieds, or bid on the car on eBay. Starting bid is $1500, and as of this writing, there have been no bids.

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