Ratty (Harlequin) Rescue: Unleash Your Inner Jamie Orr

We all want to be Jamie Orr, right? Travel the world and visit places like Supersprint Exhaust in Mantova, Italy, tour the super-secret VW car collection in Wolfsburg, Germany, and build a brand-new car completely from the ground up.

But one of the most Jamie-est of Jamie things Jamie has done is his incredible Harlequin Rescue. He flew across the country, bought the car, got it running, and then drove it cross-country back to his shop in Pennsylvania, and set a goal to get it done in just five days. Spoiler alert: he did it.

So here’s your chance to rescue your very own Harlequin Golf. Unlike Jamie’s rescue, this one is in Andover, New Jersey which is between Scranton, PA, and New York City. So if you’re reading this from west of the Mississippi, you too can have your own epic adventure touring the United States. I bet Jamie’d be happy to give you some advice for your trip.

The listing for this 1996 Golf Harlequin is short on details. It says the car has 200,000 miles, it has a manual transmission, there’s a new starter, and it needs a new catalytic converter to pass New Jersey inspection. It also has rust. A lot of rust. There are no photos of the interior.

Now’s the time to unleash your own inner Jamie: bid on this 1996 Harlequin on eBay. As of this writing, the current bid is only $1050. The reserve has not been met, and there are still 9-ish days left to submit your best offer. Start your own Instagram account now to document the crazy adventures you’ll have with your own Harlequin Ratty Rescue.

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