Ratty Rescue: 1978 Hot Hatch Project That’s Not a GTI

Did you like our recent Find Of The Day? Are you now looking for your own project Rabbit? Here’s the perfect abandoned project that you can finish. This week’s Ratty Rescue is a 1978 4-door Rabbit with quite a heart transplant.

Ok, ok: this isn’t a turbocharged MK1 like this week’s FOTD. But check the ad: this Rabbit has a 2.0L 16-valve under the hood. And it’s not a run-of-the-mill 16V either: it’s ported and polished with a whole bunch of upgrades.

But this wascally Wabbit is more than just a hotted-up engine. This little bunny has a completely rust-free body. Check out some of the photos: the seller, VWVortex member jadenmart, stripped the car and had it resprayed inside and out.

That’s not primer you’re looking at, it’s a primer-like gray paint with a healthy amount of clearcoat. With projects like this, you can spend a ton of time on bodywork, but this one is ready to go.

Other items in the “pro’s” column include power Recaro seats, Megasquirt engine management, Bosch 50 injectors, a Mk2 dashboard swap, and a truckload of extra parts.

“Con’s” include the mess of wiring to sort out, an unfinished interior, and the general issue that the car doesn’t run.

But if you’re looking for a Rabbit with a lot of potential, this is it. Check out the ad in our classifieds for more information. And there’s a whole bunch of photos of the car here. This 1978 Rabbit is in St. George, Utah. VWVortex member jadenmart is asking $4,500.

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