Ratty Rescue: Mk7 GTI for 9.9 Stacks

If you liked this week’s Find Of The Day, but lack the coin for that widebody GTI, why not make your own? This week’s Ratty Rescue may be the lowest priced MK7 GTI on the market. The four-figure fare frees up cash for mods, like a Rocket Bunny kit.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front; this 4-year-old 2015 GTI is only $9,995. What’s wrong with it, you ask? The odometer might have something to do with it: this hot hatch has over 100,000 miles. That’s nearly 30,000 miles a year (we’re barely into 2019, but we’ll count it as full year ‘cuz we’re generous like that). Other flaws include scuffed wheels and a missing chin spoiler. But that’s about it. The car looks quite clean.

But there’s one other factor that could be holding that resale down. It’s something that’s becoming harder and harder to come by. This GTI is a rare bird: it’s a two-door (ok, a three-door if you want to get technical). GASP! Volkswagen only brought two-door models for two years, then discontinued them. It’s a shame since that little kink at the trailing edge of the side windows echoes the MK1 GTI so nicely and accentuates the angular styling of the MK7 model. But buyers are shunning 2-door cars (and 4-door cars for that matter) for do-anything SUVs. Be an individual and get yourself a quick and nimble-yet-still-practical GTI coupe! Ignore the sheep!

The rest of this little Night Blue bunny is all stock. It has the standard halogen headlights, the plaid cloth seats, and the DSG transmission with paddle shifters. You even use an actual key to start the car. Retro! And of course, you also get the lively and lithe MQB platform and stellar chassis. Don’t forget: this was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 2015.

So for less than $10,000 you get a fantastic little car with tons of tuning potential. Check out the ad for this 2015 MK7 GTI, or see it in person in Hookset, New Hampshire.