Report: Audi Hints at VW-Based Compact Electric SUV, Will Produce PB18

A third e-tron model is on its way if reports from Europe are to be believed. Along with the e-tron SUV and the e-tron GT concept, Audi plans to reveal a compact SUV based on VW’s MEB platform.

The report comes from Holland’s, which attended the country’s launch event for the e-tron SUV this week. There, Audi revealed a darkened teaser image of the cut-roof crossover with journalists.

Although not exceedingly revealing, the image shows a few choice details. Along with the standard big-wheels, swooping belt line, and massive grille, the teaser image shows a very sportback-esque roofline and some of the head and taillight details (which look a little less ornate than other e-trons).

Autoweek, though, reports that the new e-tron will not be based on an Audi or Porsche platform. Instead, it will be based on Volkswagen’s MEB electric platform.

Rolling Chassis with the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) – First pure EV platform for high volume

Although VW claims that the platform is good for up to 340 miles of range, its humbler heritage means that it likely won’t be as quick as the e-tron GT or Taycan—not that you’d really expect it to be.

Still, just because it’s a VW doesn’t mean there’s no hope for performance. As the I.D. R’s name suggests, VW remains interested in applying the Golf R’s labeling and performance to its EVs.

Autoweek also reports that Audi’s new CEO, Bram Schot, confirmed that the PB18—that concept from Pebble Beach with the seat that could slide into the middle of the car—will go into limited production.

Apparently, only about 50 are going to be built, so the price tag should consequently be high. The 760 hp and 0-60 time of just a shade over two seconds, probably won’t help the price either.

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