Report: Lamborghini to Make Urus Performance Variant

Already one of the fastest SUVs ever produced with the biggest brakes ever fitted to a production vehicle, the Lamborghini Urus is set to get even crazier.

As Motor Trend’s Jonny Liberman reports from his Instagram account, Lamborghini wants to make a performance version of the Urus—which he claims is unlikely to be called “Performante.”

Unfortunately, apart from being confirmed by an unnamed source, Lieberman got no additional information. Fortunately, the recipe for performance versions is pretty well established at this point: more power, less weight, stiffer suspension, and maybe some aero bits.


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Some news: Lamborghini is going to build a higher performance version of the Urus. For lack of a better name, we’ll just call it the Urus Performante, though that’s most certainly not the name. A well placed source recently confirmed the UP’s existence to me. Details? None. We can assume more power, less weight, tweaked suspension, better tires, and since it’s Lambo, some version of their active aero system, ALA. Timeframe? No clue, but I’d expect the Urus P to follow a similar Huracán/Performante cadence. Figure two more years until it shows up. I figure Porsche has to roll out the Cayenne Turbo Coupe GT/GT5 first, and then the high performance Urus can slot in above that thing. There will also be a high output hybrid Urus, but that’s a different vehicle. I hope Lambo also builds a more off road focused variant of the Urus. Why not?? #lamborghini #urus #urusperformante @lamborghini 🇮🇹🤘🇮🇹

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It could be interesting to see the limits of Lamborghini’s reality-bending aerodynamics system ALA. The tiny system uses little flaps hidden around the cars to which it’s affixed to mess with the path of the air flowing over the car.

By simply directing the air towards or away from bigger aero elements, it can affect downforce enormously and almost instantly to give cars like the Huracan Performante enough grip to lap the Nurburgring faster than an 875 hp Porsche 918 Spyder.

Just what that can do for something as large as the Urus, though, could be interesting to see. Just how much more power they can make out of the 641 twin-turbo V8 will also be interesting.

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