Report: New Passat to Arrive in 2019

The US Passat is getting a little long in the tooth and for a while now we’ve been waiting for it to join the rest (nearly) of the VW lineup on the MQB platform.

Now, it looks like we’re hoving in on a date, as Autoblog reports that the next US Passat is arriving in 2019.

VW Vortex reported in August 2016 that the redesign, which had been planned for 2018, was delayed as a result of the dieselgate crisis. Although that will bring the American update in sync with the European refresh of the Passat, we won’t get the European car.

“It’s not going to be a Euro Passat,” a source with knowledge of the program told us in 2016. “It’s going to be designed in America, for America.”

Expected to grow in size, though not necessarily in price, the next Passat will have the difficult work of competing in a shrinking sedan market.

The good news is that Woebcken did tell Autoblog that the Passat would continue to be made in Chattanooga. With another SUV based on the Atlas also expected to be built there, the plant will be busy.

Expect styling to fall in line that of the Jetta, which was designed specifically for an American market.

We would also expect pricing and content to mirror that of the Jetta, but more of both. That, since the Arteon will take up the mantle of luxury for VW.

[source: Autoblog]