Report: Skodiaq vRS to Bring the Heat

For a certain kind of car enthusiast who fetishizes the Czech Republic like others fetishize Italy, any news about Skoda is far too late and far too infrequent, but for the rest of Americans—the vast, vast, vast, vast majority—it can be hard to care about a (re)badge that we never see, no matter how simply clever it is. In this case, though, you might want to perk your ears up.

Reports spreading across England’s motoring press have it that the Skoda Kodiaq will be getting a hot, vRS version.

That’s big in England because vRS models sell really well and a hot SUV is a combination of things that people think they want and things that people actually buy that’s sure to make it a sales success.

Meanwhile, for those of us back here on the American continent, it doesn’t seem like it’ll make a lick of difference. Which is true until you consider the Kodiaq’s size. With a full 200 mm more wheelbase than the European Tiguan, the Kodiaq is the same size as the American Tiguan.


That’s interesting because now we know that VW has an American-sized Tiguan somewhere in the world that it wants to stuff a powerful engine into, a 300 hp engine from a Golf R, if rumors are to be believed. So once again, that’s an American sized Tiguan with an R engine.

With all the rumors of Tiguan Rs circulating around the internet, it’s heartening to hear that the European-sized Tiguan isn’t the only one getting more power.

Of course, VW is nothing if not willing to provide Europe with models that it won’t sell here, and it has shown recently with the T-Roc that just because America is in love with SUVs that doesn’t mean we get every one of them.

We can only hope that the dealer network will come together with a deafening roar beseeching VW to bring this model to our shores. Whatever the case, at least we now know that one of the potential arguments against it is gone.

[source: Autocar]