Report: VW Offering Up to 25% Off “New” TDI SUVs

Now that it can actually sell fixed diesels again, Volkswagen has a backlog of old cars that it’s looking to sell off. That means that it will offer discounts worth as much $13,000 on 3.0-liter TDI SUVs.

According to, VW is offering these deals through January 2 on models that never made it off the lot. The company will offer 25% off 2014 models, 20% off 2015 models, and 15% off 2016 models.

And that’s after full original MSRP and options, but not destination charge. On a 2014 Touareg, which was worth $51,610 back in the day that would account for a total savings of nearly $13,000.

Bearing in mind their age, though, some discounting was always going to be necessary. Still, since it is, effectively, a new car full of the finest, if dated, technology, you may easily be tempted.

CarsDirect reports, though, that you’re much likelier to find a 2016 Touareg, which makes sense. So instead of that 25% discount, you’re likelier to 15%, if you’re in the market.

And if you’re in the market for a Audi, you’re in luck there, too. The brand is offering a similar deal worth 20% on all 2015 Q7s. Based on MSRP alone that could be worth up to $11,000, but with options, your savings could rise higher.

On top of that, Audi is also offering 1.9% APR for 66 months or 2.49% for 72 months.