Sales Rise Again in March for VW

The SUVs again helped buoy VW’s forward charge in March. Sales for the brand rose nearly 18% last month and nearly half of that was thanks to the Atlas, Touareg, and the Tiguans.

The new Tiguan was the biggest single seller for VW in March, with sales of 8,200. There’s no data point from March 2017 to compare against, but we know the Mk2 Tiguan is doing well because 8,200 is the most that have ever sold in a single month.

Volkswagen sold 6,000 Atlases in March, which is also a strong number. That’s considerably more than in February or January of this year.

Together with the Tiguan Limited and the Touareg, the SUVs account for a little less than half of all sales in March and more than half for the year to date. Compared to the first quarter of 2017, when SUV sales only accounted for 14% of sales, that’s a pretty stark rise.

The news was not quite as good for the cars, with sales of nearly every model falling in March. The Golf family was down nearly 25%, the Jetta family was down nearly 45%, and the Passat was down more than 30%. The Beetle Coupe, weirdly, saw a sharp uptick in sales. People bought nearly 50% more Beetle coupes in March than they had the year before.

The story is much the same for the year-to-date figures, with falling sales for cars, and steeply rising sales of SUVs, but with a new Jetta on its way, you can expect the car’s lot to improve slightly in the near future.