Say Goodbye to the Beetle with this Arts and Crafts Project

We’re all sad to see that the Beetle is going. Some are sadder than others. And if you’re one of those especially sad people, you may find it soothing—in an unhealthy kind of way—to turn the whole world into Beetles.

Yes, much like the proverbial rose-tinted glasses, you too can improve the world by photographing it with a Beetle Bokeh effect–a Bugkeh effect, if you will.

Bokeh, for those who aren’t photography nerds, is the deliberate blur that happens outside of the depth of field in photography. And luckily, with just a bit of construction paper, an Exacto knife, and an elastic you can manipulate it to turn all of the blurred lights in your photos into Beetles instead of boring circles.

The other good news is that this effect would also work with a Golf, a Jetta, or even a Scirocco. Imagine if your next forum photos of your project had this effect in them. Why, you’d be the talk of the ‘Tex!

Design sketch