SEAT Trademarks Electric Nameplates

Volkswagen’s electric push has not been limited to the core brand. Everyone must participate, including SEAT, which has been on a trademarking spree lately.

The Spanish brand has trademarked nine names, all related to the naming contest recently run to find a name for its newest seven-seat SUV. Hidden among the trademarks, though, are a handful of names with the letter E attached.

SEAT has applied for trademarks on the names BORN, BORN-E, E-BORN. We don’t need to go to Sesame Street to know what that letter means.

El Born, for those not hip to Spanish geography, is one of Barcelona’s trendiest neighborhoods. Contained within the old city, it’s a favorite of expats and tourists.

Volkswagen Showcar I.D. I.D. ? die Revolution. Der erste Volkswagen auf der völlig neuen Elektrofahrzeug-Plattform. Der erste Volkswagen, der für das automatisierte Fahren vorbereitet ist.

The name is intimately tied to city life, so it seems a likely name for a city car. With the MEB all-electric platform soon arriving under a small hatchback (known as the I.D. in its VW-concept-form), this may be what SEAT elects to name its version of the I.D.

The nine names selected for the SEAT SUV naming contest (¡#SEATbuascanombre!), meanwhile, are Abrera, Alboran, Aran, Aranda, Avila, Donosti, Tarifa, Tarraco, and Teide. Whichever wins, it seems, will be good to go, as far as the trademark office is concerned.

SEAT will now eliminate six of those names and reveal the final three at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.