SEAT Leon Cupra 280 Sub 8 is One of Evo’s Track Car’s of the Year

The SEAT Leon Cupra 280 Ultimate Sub8 has been deemed one of the UK’s best track car’s by Evo magazine. In a recently released video, the editors do a good job of explaining why the hatchback belongs on track with 1200 hp supercars.

The Leon Cupra Sub8 was born on the Nurburghring, where it broke the lap record for front wheel drive cars in March of last year.

Although it is rated at 276 hp—less than its sister, the Golf R—Contributing Editor Richard Meaden says that it feels like SEAT are being modest. Meaden also says that the car is easily handled, “it doesn’t have that edge that old FWD cars had.”

It’s civilized, he goes on to say, but focused in the areas that you want it to be. It has sticky tires, big brakes, and brilliant balance.

It must be said, the car looks like oodles of fun. It turns in quickly and the back end steps out regularly in this rainy video.

You can watch the Leon devour the Blyton Park Circuit below—its portion of the video begins at 4:56.