This is Seat’s 670 hp Electric Touring Car

Electric race cars are here. There are open-wheel cars, electric racing SUVs, even the World Rallycross Championship is going EV. Now here’s the latest from Seat a 670 hp electric monster of a touring car.

It’s part of Seat’s Cupra sports car brand. The e-Racer is based on the Seat Leon Cup racer TCR Touring car. It drops that car’s 2.0L four for an electric motor and a 65 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The power output will be 402 hp continuous and it will be able to output 670 hp in short bursts.

The e-racer adds aerodynamic tweaks and cooling modifications to help handle the electric powertrain. The racer will also be rear-wheel drive, setting it even further apart from the front-drive hot hatch Leon Cupra it’s based on.

The Seat Cupra e-Racer is designed for a new E TCR class that we expect to hear more about at the Geneva Motor show later this week. Seat’s Cupra is a big part of the global touring car circuit. The e-Racer will get a full reveal at the show as well.

Fans of Volkswagen’s racing endeavors will also remember that SEAT’s Leon Cupra Cup car, which competes in traditional touring car racing around the world, is the basis for the Golf GTI TCR and the Audi RS3 LMS.