September Sales Slide for Volkswagen of America

It was not a happy start to the fall for Volkswagen, which saw sales slide 12% in September 2019, as compared to September 2018.

Sales pretty much fell across the board, with a few notable and/or predictable exceptions.

Volkswagen’s SUVs, again, were bright spots. Customers got into nearly 8,000 Tiguans (+11%) and more than 6,000 Atlases (+41%).

Sales of VW’s other stalwart, the Jetta, fell by about 24% as compared to September 2018. That said, it was the best selling VW in September, with a total of 8,090 leaving the lot.

Speaking of good news for lovers of cars, the Golf R’s sales nearly doubled in September 2019. Unfortunately, sales of the GTI nearly halved and sales of the Sportwagen were down a quarter.

The e-Golf’s sales were up an impressive 3,800%. And although selling more e-Golf’s than the 14 VW managed to move in September 2018, at 554 for Sept. 19 the e-Golf outsold both the Golf R and the regular Golf and wasn’t far behind the GTI.

Thanks to strong sales in 2019, though, sales for the year are still up 4.5% for Volkswagen USA, so far this year.