Sian May be the Name of the Next Lamborghini

Lamborghini has applied for a trademark on the name “Sian.” The application was published on the European Union Intellectual Property Office and applies to, among other things, “Cars; Electric cars.”

The discovery of the trademark application, which is being fast-tracked, coincides with a recent Instagram post published by Lamborghini, teasing “something new” ahead of the Frankfurt auto show.


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Something new is on the way. Can’t wait to see it? Just open your eyes to the future. Are you ready for @iaamesse? #Lamborghini #IAA2019

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That image showed a pair of Y-shaped headlights that bore a striking resemblance to 2017’s Terzo Millennio. That concept car, built with the help of MIT, was supposed to show Lamborghini’s future “through the electric super sports car.”

The car’s gimmick was to store electricity in its structure. So, instead of having a big lump of a battery in the middle, the Terzo Millennio’s body panels and chassis would act as the battery.

And although it’s a great, if somewhat pie-in-sky, idea, what we’re really concerned with here is just the fact that Lamborghini is talking about making electric cars—something we knew would have to happen after the diesel scandal encouraged VW to require all its brands to make EVs.

While there’s no guarantee that the name Sian will be applied to the pictured vehicle, there does at least seem to be an electric zeitgeist surrounding Lamborghini’s recent activities.

As for what, precisely, Sian means, that remains a mystery. Lamborghini is a big fan of naming its vehicles after fighting bulls but we could not find a bull, a ranch, or a breed named Sian in our research. 

Sian is a Welsh given name that means God’s special gift, which would be bold, though admittedly not inconceivable, of Lamborghini.

Sian is also Catalan for “yes,” which again is less than inconceivable, but also less than convincing.

It’s also the name of a tiny county in Iran and the name of a Korean pop star, which may go against Lambo’s normal naming convention, but would also be a great way to show how hip and young it is.


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Our favorite reading comes from the Yucatan peninsula. Sian Ka’an is a UNESCO world heritage on the east coast of Mexico—a country where bullfighting continues. The name comes from the Mayan people who settled there before the Spanish and named it the “Origin of the Sky.”

Since the east is where the sun rises, the name could be a reference to a new (electric) dawn for Lamborghini—though it wouldn’t surprise us to find out that the copper bull on Wall Street is secretly called Sian.