What Does the Skoda Logo Mean, Anyway?

Logos are hieroglyphs that contain a surprising amount information. Skoda’s logo, for instance, tells the story of one of the oldest brands in the automotive world.

You may never have asked yourself about the story behind Skoda’s logo, for instance, because of it’s low relevance to our particular market, but it’s a pretty interesting story all the same.

Skoda recently released a video all about the history of the brand’s logo that takes you through a museum with the miniature founders of the Skoda auto brand, Laurin and Klement.

According to the video, the logo started out as a Native American crest but was quickly simplified until the only an arrow and wings remained.

Although it’s undergone a number of changes over the years, the basic idea has persisted, which Skoda describes as “the arrow of precision on the wings of progress.”