Skoda Introduces Wireless CarPlay to the MQB Platform

Although it has been available on some of Audi’s bigger cars, wirelessly connecting your phone to your car’s infotainment continues to be a pretty rare feature. In fact, Audi, BMW, and MINI are the only brands to offer wireless CarPlay. Now Skoda has joined their ranks.

The Skoda Scala and Kamiq–which are roughly the same size as the Polo and the T-Roc—will be offered with Wireless SmartLink. In effect, that means that you can boot up Apple CarPlay and (will be able to connect to) Android Auto without the use of a USB cable.

For anyone concerned with the tidiness of their car, this will no doubt be a boon, since you don’t have to have cables lying around anymore. And with inductive charging, you won’t even need to draw down your battery to use this, either.

While we don’t get Skodas in America, the introduction of wireless SmartLink to the MQB platform does raise hopes that the supposed tech-showcase Mk8 Golf could introduce to our fair shores. Unfortunately, the Skoda system uses wifi and will only be available on the “Monte Carlo” version, which, based on its name, doesn’t sound cheap.