Spend a Night in the World’s Smallest* Hotel

Last week we featured a video of a YouTuber hacking up a Golf to make the world’s smallest working Golf now we’ve found a hollowed out Beetle that’s (probably not) the world’s smallest hotel room.

Although the fine fellas at Guinness disagree, this Beetle is undoubtedly a tiny place to spend the night. One that you might want to spend in. Located deep in the Jordanian desert near Al Jaya, up to two people can spend the night in this love bug for $56—and that includes a breakfast or lunch.

Started in 2011, this hotel room features hand-embroidered sheets and pillows and… not much else. It is a Beetle after all, so fitting anything more than a bed is a challenge.

World-renowned Beetle-sleuth Jason Torchinsky figures that this a ’73, though that’s a guess because quite a few body panels have been removed.

The hotel’s owner, Al Malaheem must be doing alright, because he apparently wants to buy some more Beetles to make more rooms. So you too can spend a night near the Crusader Castle Montreal from the comfort of a Beetle.

[via: Jalopnik]