The Stick Shift 992 is Here. Finally.

Well, when it launched this time last year, Porsche said that the manual transmission 992 version of the 911 would arrive eventually. Now it has. The automaker has just announced that the 2020 Carrera S and 4S can be ordered with a seven-speed stick. Even better, it’ll be a no-cost option despite several technology changes underneath.

That’s right, if you were expecting to save money by adding a pedal, you’ll be disappointed. But if you were dreading having to pay for the privilege of doing your own shifting, you should be pretty happy.

It’s more than just a gearbox swap, though, there are some substantial changes to the level of content in the car. For a start, the manual transmission car comes with the Sport Chrono Package for free. That means dynamic drivetrain mounts, PSM sport mode, and the Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus dial on the steering wheel. It also comes with a mechanical limited-slip diff like the last-gen instead of the electronically controlled version on PDK cars.

Opt for the manual and you’ll also save 84 lbs of curb weight. It will, of course, be slower than the PDK, with a quoted 0-60 time of four seconds flat instead of the mid threes of the PDK Carrera S, but we’re sure drivers who want this one won’t mind.

Orders are open now, expected to hit dealers in the spring, starting from $113,300 for the S and $133,400 for the 4S.

shared from Fourtitude