The Taj Ma Garaj’s VW Collection is Up for Sale

There are a lot of car collections out there, but few are strong enough and deep enough to form the basis for a whole auction. But the Taj Ma Garaj is one such collection.

Built by the late John Dixon and known as an “eclectic Porsche Paradise,” the collection features a number of noteworthy and unique air-cooled VWs. All of which are for sale.

RM Auctions will run the sale which is taking place on September 28. All cars are being sold without reserve.

1967 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe Sedan

This two-owner Beetle is almost entirely original and has just 6,135 miles on the odometer. Estimates suggest that it will go for $30,000-$50,000.

1973 Type 181 Safari

Built for the Mexican market and imported to Texas in 1973, this Thing has only been used sparingly meaning it, too, is a low mileage VW. It’s expected to sell for between $25,000 and $35,000.

1973 Super Beetle

This Texas Yellow Beetle is painted in a color that was only offered for two years and has just 16,400 miles on the clock, making it a desireable little bug. RM’s estimates have it going for between $20,000 and $30,000

2004 Beetle Ultimate Edición

Want an air-cooled Beetle that’s newer than my personal water-cooled New Beetle? Why wouldn’t you? It’s all you think about. This is one of the beige cars that VW based its latest Beetle Final Edition on and has about as many miles on the clock as one of those ones has at the dealership: just 337 km (200ish miles). Estimates have it selling for between 20 and 30 grand.

1956 Volkswagen Beetle Outlaw “Death” by Franz Muhr

3,000 hours of “Kustom Coach Werk” have gone into making this catastrophically inconvenient and ecstatically cool chopper. Does it really matter that you can’t see out of it if you can be seen getting out of it? RM’s estimates have it going for 40-50 grand.

1970 Beetle “Case Linda Lace” by Rafael Esparza-Prieto

Having taken a ride in a similarly wrought iron Beetle, I can report that driving one of these is as educational as it is bowel-voidingly terrifying. This particular one was commissioned by Jose Barajas for his Case Linda restaurant in 1985. It’s expected to sell for between 40 and 60 thousand.

1967 Type 2 High-Roof Panel Van

This Dan Aykroyd-looking MFer right here is expected to sell for as much as $80,000. Although unusual, it was produced by Volkswagen and is tall enough for most adults to stand in. Even more focused on the utilitarian life, few of these high-roof examples are known to have survived. This particular model was restored in 2003.

1971 Beetle “Jungle Bug”

Built to celebrate the Cincinnati Bengals, this Bug was commissioned by Dixon himself. It’s been signed by Shayne Graham and its exterior trim was trimmed and shaved and its running boards widened. Estimates have it selling for between $25,000-$35,000.

1971 Mangosta Sport Buggy

Not an actual Meyers Manx, but we honestly don’t mind. Mangosta Sport Buggy was created by Karl Krumme from Detroit and features quilted upholstery on just about every interior surface and chrome everywhere else. It is also exceedingly brown and is reportedly the last Mangosta ever made. RM reckons it could sell for as much as $75,000.