Telling Tails: Could this Be the New GTI’s Rear End?

Last week we learned that the new GTI would be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. And now we have an idea of what it might look like.

Pictures of a suspiciously spoilered Golf leaked on Instagram this week and the consensus around the internet is: GTI.


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Of course, that’s not confirmed officially, but whatever it is we can confirm that it is exciting. With haunches that look meaty and potentially widened, two tailpipes that are ovals (not unlike Audi’s RS models), and that dark spoiler at the top to round out the look, this looks like it’ll be good.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t reveal a whole lot more, but internet speculation says that the GTI will come in two states of tune. The first, the standard, will make 232 hp, while the equivalent to today’s TCR will make 286 hp. Another post on the same Instagram account suggests, however, that the GTI will make 180 kW, which translates to 240 hp. 

The same image also says that the Golf R will make 245 kW, which is the equivalent of 330 hp. It’s supposed to be unveiled in the summer, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Those two reveals will be important for us. Even though they are, as far as we know, European reveals, the R and the GTI are the only two Golfs currently confirmed for the US market.