Thieves Try to Steal GTI From Freight Train, Fail to Account for Guardrail

Thieves nearly stole a GTI off a freight train before being stopped by none other than a guardrail.

The accident happened after thieve(s) successfully got the GTI off a car hauler in Germany. Using a homemade ramp, they managed to just about liberate the car. Their attempt to beat a hasty retreat, though, was less successful.

The police were called to the scene of the crime at 2:00 am. When they arrived, they found the ramp used to get the car off the train car, but no criminals.

Although the thieves didn’t get their GTI, they did manage to steal something. Two other cars (both VWs) had been broken into and had their infotainments stolen.

The Polizei says that the thieve(s) caused thousands of dollars in damage and sent a helicopter after them but came up empty-handed. They are welcoming any tips that could help the perpetrator(s) come to justice.

via Motor1